Big data biometrics

for large scale recognition, deduplication
and authentication systems


Nationwide uniqueness of voter registry

Public Benefits

Biometric authentication to prevent
identity fraud in benefit payments


Biometric enrollment of criminal juveniles



GBS | Griaule Biometric Suite

Technology for a world of biometric identification

For more than 17 years, Griaule has been providing technology for a world of biometric identification. Griaule’s technology has helped thousands of clients to achieve the best results in their biometric projects. Our solutions have been deployed in different market segments, such as Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigation, Civil Identification, Banking, National Security, Biometrics-as-a-Service, Digital Onboarding, among others. Griaule offers solutions for face, fingerprint, palmprint, latent, newborn, and iris recognition.

Over 4.000


Griaule keeps its
technology up to date
through one of the world’s
most advanced biometric research
teams and through partnerships
with universities, such as UNICAMP.
This results in state-of-the-art
technology for biometric identification.

On 70+


Griaule is an award-winning
company with over 20 FBI quality
certifications, strategic
partnerships and products backed
by sound and innovative
technologies, making it the market
leader in big data biometrics for IT
system integrators.


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