Griaule Biometric Suite

Griaule offers solutions for face, fingerprint, palmprint, latent, newborn, and iris recognition.

GBS Biometric Database Server

One of the most precise ABIS in the world.

GBS Cardscan

Easy and fast scanning of paper-based biometric cards with OCR.

GBS Biometric Examiner Station

Enhancement and search of latent fingerprints.


Newborn biometric enrollment.

GBS Manual Image Review

Cutting-edge quality enrollment guaranteed.

GBS Intelligence

Textual search in the database.

GBS Print and CheckPrint

Printing of Identification Documents integrated with biometric systems, including document check with OCR.

GBS Batch Enroll

Database migration with deduplication check.

GBS Biometric Capture Component

Biometric enrollment with quality check and data standardization.

GBS Exception Treatment

Control over frauds and database quality.

GBS Identify

Easy biometric identification and verification.

GBS Surveillance

Automatic face monitoring of crowds.

GBS Biometrics SDKs

Biometric integration in deployed systems.

GBS BCC Mobile

Enrollment and search of biometric data (fingerprint, face).


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